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International health insurance

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Who can be insured?


People who are temporarily staying abroad, max. age of 80
for German nationals abroad;
for foreign nationals in Germany;
for foreign nationals in foreign countries.

• tourists/vacationers
• travelling business people
• Work& Holiday participants
• High School attendants
• expatriates, residents, employees

This does not include persons with a permanent residence in a country.


Brief overview:


  • Maximum insurance period: 365 days
  • Minimum insurance period: 10 days
  • Requirements for Schengen visa are met
  • No deductible
  • Territory covered: worldwide, excluding home countries
  • Conclusion of contract prior to departure or as immediate follow-up cover: no waiting periods, otherwise waiting period of 8 days – except in cases of accidents.
  • extensions prior to expiry possible via phone, fax, email or letter.
    Piece of advice: extensions can also be declined, it is therefore better to apply for the complete period directly.
  • Suitable for follow-up coverage


What are the premiums? - Women/Men are equal


Age: Premium per day
without USA/Canada
Premium per day
with USA/Canada
Till the age of 64 1,25 € 3,50 €
Aged 65 to 80 6,25 € 17,50 €


Additional private liability and accident insurance on request 0,40 € a day




International health insurance   
Outpatient and dental treatment   
Medical treatment 100%, no limitations
Medicine and dressing material 100%, no limitations
Medically required walking aids and wheelchair rental 100%, no limitations
Analgesic dental treatment and repairs to dentures and provisional inlays 100% up to 250 €
In-patient treatment   
Hospital treatment (including emergency operations) 100%, no limitations
If medically required, transport to the to the nearest available hospital in the area of applicability and back to one’s accommodation facilities; 100%, no limitations
Other benefits   
Search and Rescue costs, if the insured person must be saved or rescued after an accident, or if the insured person is missing and one has to assume that something bad has happened to the insured person 100% up to 5.000 €
covers medically indicated and justifiable repatriation costs to an appropriate hospital closest to the insured person’s place of residence
100%, no limitations
Burial or transfer costs 100%, no limitations
Follow-on liability:
treatment till the insured person can be transported again
100%, no limitations
Private liability and accident insurance
Private liability:
sum insured: € 1.000.000,- per person in case of personal injury and property damage, € 250.000,- in case of damage to rented property.
Accident insurance:
sum insured: € 10.000,- in case of death, up to € 140.000,- in case of disability.
Additional 0,40 € per day and person


What benefits are NOT insured*?


The travel health insurance does not include insurance cover for:

  • treatment and other medically defined measures which are the reason for travel;
  • treatment and other medically defined measures, the necessity of which was known to the insured person, or which under the given circumstances should have been reckoned with, before the planned start of travel or at the time the policy was concluded;
  • dental treatment other than analgesic treatment and repairs to dentures and provisional inlays;
  • massage and wellness treatment, mud packs and lymphatic drainage as well as the acquirement of artificial limbs and other aids;
  • treatment of alcohol or drug-related illnesses and other addictions and their consequences, including return hospital transport, as well as treatment or placement due to infirmity, the need for nursing care or custody;
  • delivery after the 36th week of pregnancy as well as abortions and consequences thereof;
  • treatment of psychiatric or mental disorders, as well as hypnotism and psychotherapy - including associated medication;
  • injuries suffered as a result of active participation in competitions organised by sport organisations and related training.
  • Restrictions:
    expeditions, damages that are intentionally cause by the insured person, damages caused by strikes, pandemics, nuclear energy, war or war-like situations, seizure or similar inventions by public authorities and/or force majeure – as well as damages in territories, for which the German Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning. If an insured person is at such a location at a time when a travel warning is issued, insurance cover ends 14 days after the issuance of the travel warning. This does not apply to states in which there has already been war, civil war, or in which such circumstances could be foreseen.
  • In Germany, medical and dental treatment as an outpatient is reimbursed at the 1.8 fold rate of the Scale of Medical Fees (GOÄ) or the Scale of Dental Fees (GOZ) at the maximum in accordance with § 2 AVB RK MR; services mainly of a medico-technical nature are reimbursed at a 1.3 fold rate at the maximum, laboratory services at a 1.15 fold rate at the maximum. The costs of inpatient hospital treatment according to § 2 No. 1 and 2 AVB RK MR are reimbursed according to the applicable regular rate of the local health insurance responsible for the locality.


How can I take out the insurance?


You can take out your insurance over the Internet using our online form. Simply enter your personal details. As result the system shows you your personal details and your insurance policy number. Than the contract was successful completed.

Post or fax:
Simply download the German-English application form as a PDF file, complete it, and then send it by post or fax it to the address on the form.
Application as PDF file
You will receive your insurance policy after a few days (it can also be sent by fax or e-mail upon request).

Application form as pdf file


Important references in the case of a claim of the health insurance


On stationary treatment in a hospital, before extensive ambulatory treatment or stationary diagnostic and therapeutic treatment, as well as prior to the release of a payment acknowledgment, please contact the ELVIA emergency assistance centre without delay

(24 hour emergency hotline): ++49 (0) 89 6 24 24 570

Please send the original bills and receipts directly to:
AGA International S.A.
Abteilung Leistung
Ludmillastr. 26
81543 München
Phone: ++49 (0) 89 6 24 24 460
Telefax: ++49 (0) 89 6 24 24 244


Terms and Conditions


• The insurance terms and conditions of the AGA International S.A. for Mawista reisecare are legally binding.
• You can view and download our insurance terms and conditions as a PDF file


International health insurance


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